SUCCIPACK aims to facilitate the introduction of new packaging materials in existing food packaging production lines: limited investments should be needed to use the new material in existing processes. To achieve this, dedicated PBS grades and formulation for injection, moulding, extrusion film blowing and thermo-forming will be developed.

The flexibility of the technology will be assessed by the participating SMEs, which will be testing the materials in their production lines. The bio-based packaging materials will be tested on several food products.

These tests will be realized in cooperation with four main food companies:

Mambelli cheese factory was born in 1972. Initially at familiar conduction, nowadays this SME counts about 20 workers. The cheese factory produces a large variety of high quality products such as Squacquerone, Casatella of Romagna, Ghiottella, Ricotta of Romagna, Straccone, Ghiottino as fresh cheeses and Caciotta as medium-ripened cheese by using modern technological equipments.

Federica Mambelli

Ortoreale is a SME created in 2001 commercialising ready-to-use and ready-to-eat vegetables in European markets. Ortoreale’s products are currently exported in France, Belgium, UK. Ortoreale applies HACCP quality standards, is certified ISO 9001:2000, QSM Nestlè (Quality System Management Nestlé) and BRC (National Britannia-UK).

Paola Teresa Maria Massari

Ahumados Gimar was established in 1990 in Petrer, Alicante (Spain). Its main activity is the elaboration of fish products and preparations. The main products are salmon, cod, tuna, swordfish, marlin, octopus and anchovies. All of them are commercialised like sashimi, flor de mar, natur, carpaccio, tartarfish, classic, cubesea and specialities.

Remerdios Sempere Caracena

CONBIO was established in 1998 to produce vegetable protein products (Tofu, Seitan, Tempeh), organic and vegetable “BioAppetì” ready-to-eat meals, combining the highest quality of the ingredients with the typical taste of Mediterranean cuisine. The range of “BioAppetì” products includes recipes based on proteins derived from vegetables, vitamins and minerals naturally present in cereals and vegetables. Some specific characteristics of BioAppetì products are: high content of vegetable proteins, low content of saturated fats, low content of sodium/salt, high content in fibres.

Eleonora Tosato

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No.289196
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